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Deep Creek Ranch

Largest PV system in the state of Montana.

Large Scale Design

69.6kW grid-tied solar arrray designed to off-set the power consumption of four individual properties.


Off-sets the energy demand of four properties located within 24 square miles, creating a small solar cooperative.


Array site is carefully hidden from the view of all four properties, but remains accessible via a short hike.

U.S. Forest Service

Missoula Technical Development Center

Large Array

53kW grid-tied solar array installed to off-set all of the facilities energy usage.

Floating Footer System

The array is built on top of concrete pads in order to avoid impacting existing power utilities below ground.

Pilot Project

This system is a pilot project used to determine the feasibility of implementing solar at other U.S. Forest Service locations.

Solar Pergola

Residential Reno, NV

2.3kW Solar Array

Custom bi-facial solar modules allow light to filter through, illumanting the BBQ area below.

Custom Redwood Pergola

Provides shade for outdoor living space while helping off-set the energy use in the home.

Reflected Energy

Bi-facial solar modules have the ability to absord light reflected from the ground.

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