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Does my new solar system increase the value of my home?

Install a Simple Power Solar system and enjoy an estimated increase in your total home’s value of $16,000 to $35,000! If your property is in a market with few other solar homes, you can expect to be on the higher end of that range. If you sell your home after your Simple Power Solar installation, not only will you recoup your out-of-pocket costs, but your home will sell for a higher price and up to 25% faster than average.*

*Price premiums for U.S. home sales- Berkeley labs

Will my home sell faster with a new solar system?

Yes, especially if there are several comparables in the area that do not have solar.  In 2008 found that homes with solar PV systems sold 25% faster and for 17% more than homes with no solar.

I am considering a leased system but have heard it could hurt me when I decide to sell or refinance?

True in both cases. A leased solar system, which is essentially a lien on the property, could deter lenders if you choose to refinance in the future. In the case of selling your home, the same problem can arise for the buyer and their lender. You may be required to eventually pay off the lessor to make the deal happen.

Should I expect a property tax increase if I install a $50,000 dollar solar system to the home?

Not in California until at least 2025. Prop 13 protects your existing property tax base from being reassessed due to solar additions. Nevada has similar exemptions for commercial, industrial and agricultural projects, but unfortunately not for residential at this time.

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